In the Beginning…

Panspermia is the idea that life is carried to planets throughout the universe like "seeds" through various vectors such as meteors, comets or other space debris, that may then grow and propagate once favorable conditions have been met. Thanks to these free roaming nomads, the "seeds" they carry may transfer to extrasolar planetary systems … Continue reading In the Beginning…



However you feel about livestocik and meat consumption, pig farming is big business world wide. Being omnivores, they can consume most kitchen scraps and in some situation are used to dispose of certain types of household waste. Since they can live on less expensive types of feed, they're meat tends to cost less than beef. … Continue reading Pork

Horse-drawn boats

Until steam and diesel powered engines replaced them , horses were once used to tow boat along rivers. Thanks to much lower friction, they could move loads fifty times as much weight as it could overland (such as loads of limestone). Horse-Drawn Boats | Amusing Planet Horse-drawn boat - Wikipedia Horseboating Society (